Yay! 150k Pinterest Followers!

November 26, 2014 · 1 comment

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Yay! 150k Followers!

Last week something amazing happened, and by amazing I just want to clarify here that I’m not talking about something as amazing as landing on a comet, nor as amazing as seeing photos of an underwater City off the coast of Egypt. Far from it in fact and actually by those standards it’s a totally insignificant and actually-not-amazing-whatsoever-thing but (disparaging commentary over) in my little world it was pretty amazing.

The amazing thing was that I reached 150,000 Followers on Pinterest *cue the ta-dah sound that the Boots No.7 ads use* So yep pretty exciting and amazing to me as I’ve been a forever fan of Pinterest since it launched. In that time it’s quite astounding to me that I’ve managed to amass 8,250 Pins and 84 boards that cover a rainbow of topics from Flamingos, Pineapples (of course!) and Unicorns, to boards dedicated to couples in the throes of passion, my street style crushes and a particular favourite, an ode to the word dreamy. Whilst curating this admittedly eclectic collection of images I’ve also managed to gain the aforementioned 150,000+ Followers, and that actually makes me pretty chuffed *flashes bashful but cheesy grin*.

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