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White Pepper AW13 Lookbook

It’s fair to say that I’m pretty schizophrenic in my clothing choices. I don’t think I’ve got a clearly defined sense of “style”. Constantly dabbling with various looks and forever changing my mind on what I do, and don’t like, my attitude to getting dressed is pretty all over the place, and usually dependant on my mood that day. I may wake up one morning and feel like dressing like an extra from Abigail’s Party, the next morning I’m feeling more Garth from Wayne’s World, and God knows who the day after that. In fact it’s a common joke between my darling boyfriend and I and I’m often asked “who have you come as today?!” I’ve had some wonderful replies to “how do I look?” ranging from “you look like you’re off to a hippy painting class” when I was wearing polka-dot dungarees, a breton leotard and a cut-off denim shirt, to “like a dominatrix Florence Nightingale” when I wore a floor length camel wool cape, leather trousers and leather gauntlets. To work. Ahem.

However there are days when I like to be more pared back and dare I say it, more minimal in my approach to my attire (which, truth be told, is in direct conflict with my usual maximalist approach). Anyways, when these days come a-knocking I yearn to tone down the kaleidoscope of patterns and print that make up the vast majority of my wardrobe and rather than wear 27 statement pieces all at once with enough jewellery to make even Iris Apfel consider it a touch over-done, to wear classic staples, but with a modern twist.

Which sums up The White Pepper perfectly. A label that’s been on my radar for a long while now The White Pepper offer a succinct collection of wardrobe staples with a slightly Skandi feel and a definite nod to the 90s. They’re clothes that you’ll invariably wear over and over again. I first discovered them this year and oohed and ahhed at their Spring/Summer collection, designed with a summer of British sea-side trips and festivals in mind it was a riot of polka-dots, pinafores and pineapples, of which I’m a huge fan. So I was pretty much sold from then on in! I’ve since had the pleasure of working with them and the team behind The White Pepper are just as fab as their East-London based label.

White Pepper AW13 Lookbook White Pepper AW13 Lookbook White Pepper AW13 Lookbook White Pepper AW13 Lookbook White Pepper AW13 Lookbook White Pepper AW13 Lookbook

The Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook has a selection of buy-now-wear-now pieces in muted hues of dove grey, raspberry and fawn. They’re clothes that you’ll invariably wear over and over again. Case in point is this leather midi skirt from their Autumn/Winter collection, an absolute stunner of a piece and I’ve already been totting up just how many items it’ll go with in my wardrobe. Result. I’m also coveting the polka-dot scoop midi dress in black which I’d wear with the long-sleeved cropped shirt, an instant outfit and not a clashing print in sight. They’ve also released, especially for the coming season, their signature Angel dress in black leather which you can tell will instantly be a best seller. Über flattering and with loads of room to romp around in, it’s my kind of dress. And because I couldn’t avoid a dash of print, my final favourite is the open-back check midi dress in tartan, a print that I already know I’m going to be filling my wardrobe with in every which (colour)-way I can. Oh dear. I can try to tone it down but the maximalist in me will always be trying to get out!

You can browse and buy the collection at 

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