Dungarees – Your New Best Friend

March 15, 2013 · 4 comments

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One of my favourite bloggers, B from Beeswonderland wearing her dungarees with a leather jacket & studded boots

Sarah from Having a Really Nice Time wearing a vintage lace crop top and vintage lace-up boots
Street Style spotted in Colombia Road Market (above and below)
From MINT Vintage

When choosing what to wear of a morning/afternoon/evening (delete as applicable) I always grapple with whether I’m dressing for comfort, or for style. Yo-yo-ing between the two I invariably make a huge mess of both myself and my bedroom floor. The end result? I’m always the unfashionable side of late (sorry Mister Ruffles) and very rarely, if ever, dressed weather appropriately. As someone who is terribly bad at layers I struggle with creating an outfit that blends feeling good with looking good, and when the weather is as bat-shit crazy as its been of late (hail, wind, snow, sunshine and rain IN ONE DAY!) I almost always end up wishing that I’d just worn my favourite snuggly jumper, my battered old jeans, a pair of Converse and to hell with it Goddammit. 

Luckily for me, and if you suffer this affliction – you too, there are some items of clothing that put a big fat tick in both the style and comfort boxes. Let me introduce you to your new best friend, dungarees. Über comfortable, dungarees are essentially romper-suits for adults so factor high up in the comfort stakes. And any clothing that harks back to my childhood days scores major plus points in my book. As for how they can look stylish, well the ladies above are a damned fine example of my case in point. Comfort over style? Bollocks to that. There’s now no need to choose.
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