What To Wear To the Louvre?

December 4, 2012 · 2 comments

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My recent jaunt to Paris left me in a complete quandary over what to pack, more so than usual would you believe! Reason being it was meant to rain cats and dogs the entire weekend, as well as being a few degrees warmer than chilly London, definitely not the easiest of weathers to pack for. So I had the age-old quarrel in my head of, do I err on the side of caution, dress in layers and champion comfort, practicality and above all, being waterproof? Or, do I say ‘to hell with you weather’ and throw caution to the wind (quite literally), dress as I please and risk looking like a drowned rat with cold, wet and numb toes that will still be wrinkly three hours after I’ve taken my boots off? Let me tell you that this actually happened to me last time I visited Paris, as unbeknownst to me I had a hole in both of my boots (dear Liza), and it took a long and painful time for the pins and needles in my big toes to subside. Suffice to say it was an experience I didn’t want to repeat. So …. what won? Well, I didn’t plump for practicality or for being waterproof and nor did I dress in layers. However luckily for me it stayed dry all weekend and so my outfit of choice was weather-perfect. For once!

This is me outside The Louvre wearing my Mum’s vintage 70s fur coat (would you believe I used to wear this with my school uniform when I was 15? No. Me either) and this wonderful vintage fedora I bought at Mint Vintage paired with Paige jeans, vintage boots from Blondie and a vintage shirt that I bought on my last visit to Paris at the Marché de Porte de Vanves. Turns out it was the perfect outfit for a visit to The Louvre at sunset!

Boots from Blondie Vintage – Jeans by Paige Denim – Bag by Anya Hindmarch 
Fedora from Mint Vintage
Watch by Zadig & Voltaire

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