Street Style Couples Crush

May 28, 2013 · 0 comments

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Images sourced from Pinterest
The gorgeous Sandra from 5 inch and up and her beau Janne
Image sourced from Pinterest

Images sourced from Pinterest
Image on left sourced from Trends for the Masses and image on right from 5inchandup
Image sourced from Pinterest

Imagine the scene, its a busy day in a London street; noisy, bonkers crazy and all-a-bustle with people. Completely oblivious to the madness going on around them a couple stroll down the road with only eyes for each other. He’s got his arm loosely round her shoulders and she’s got hers wrapped around his waist pulling him in tight for a passionate tongue-definitely-in-mouth-full-blown-French kiss, fingers linked together, eyes locked on each other …. and they’re wearing matching boiler suits (yep that’s right BOILER SUITS) without a care in the world. Hers is a pastel yellow, his a slate grey, and they’ve both styled them impeccably; rolled up at the ankle, sleeves pushed back over the elbow, and for some reason or another they just command my attention. I can’t take my eyes off this gorgeous couple looking undeniably hot in their copy-cat outfits, and right then and there I was smitten. I had a serious case of Couple Crush.

Sadly I’ve no photo of the two exquisite folk I spied that day but instead I’ve scoured the tinterweb so you can feast your eyes on these lovely couples instead. This post is dedicated to the Boiler Suit Couple and couples the world over who dress alike and unabashedly kiss in the street. I salute you, your passion and your street style.

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