Postcards From Goa

February 8, 2015 · 3 comments

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India surfboards

Beer and beach

Beach and sarong

Pineapple phone cover

Evil Twin bikini

Patnem beach

Walking on beach in bikiniI can’t quite believe that it’s been almost a month now since we got back from our trip to Goa over Christmas and New Year and whilst simultaneously feeling like it was literally just yesterday I was lazing on a beach, it also feels like a lifetime ago. Despite returning with the best intentions not to get sucked back into the merry-go-round that is London life and making myself multiple promises to take time out, take up Mindfulness, practice yoga, eat better, drink less, only eat meat occasionally and definitely avoid being so frantic all the time, I’ve ended up doing totally the opposite. I’ve been mainlining cheese and chocolate like it’s Christmas all over again, have drunk a LOT of prosecco (for good reason though!), my diary has been choc-full of commitments and very little ‘me time’ let alone time to blog, downward dog and suffice to say the Mindfulness has definitely gone out the window, so it’s no surprise really that over the past few days I’ve been yearning to go back to Goa where life was so much simpler and the sun shined a great deal more than it has lately!

Postcards from Goa India

Goa sunset

Leopard print bikini and big sunhat

Porridge and pineapple phone cover

India beach cow

Palolem beach

India beach huts

India palmtree sunsets

I’ve been missing our sunset walks on the beach, drinking tangy-but-sweet mango lassis and eating cashew-nut porridge for breakfast, paneer masala for dinner and crispy vegetable pakoras and gooey garlic and cheese naan breads at every opportunity inbetween. I miss taking endless photos of palm trees and beach-cows, forgoing footwear for days on end and wearing my daily uniform of bikini, beach hat and sunglasses. What I really miss though is spending days on end staring up at a bright blue sky and the fact that the most difficult decision each day was whether to have a big breakfast so that we could then skip lunch in order to have a big dinner or, whether we just threw caution to the wind and had three big meals and yes maybe another plate of pakora too *sighs* Trying to put our utterly-amazing-incredible-bloody-brilliant holiday into words has left me totally tongue-tied because all I can think of to say is “oh my God it was AMAAAAAAZING take me baaaaack!” and so I’m going to quit my wittering on and just let these photos do the talking and perhaps-just-maybe they’ll do our magical trip justice. In the meantime I’m off to go and OD on liquid Vitamin D, order a curry, whack the central heating up to tropical, get into my bikini, close my eyes and pretend I’m back in Agonda.

Opening window Palolem beach


Panjim Church Mary Immaculate Conception

Reading Porter magazine

Coffee and palm treats

Wearing from top to bottom; leopard print bikini by Evil Twin at ASOS, hat by Beyond Retro and sunglasses by ASOS. Off-the-shoulder top by Weekday at ASOS. White sleeveless top by ASOSMango denim bermuda shorts, Jeepers Peepers sunglasses and Birkenstocks.

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