A New Year and A New Beginning

January 2, 2013 · 0 comments

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Call me weird, call me strange … but I actually love the 1st week of January. Its the week, that for most, feels like one elongated hangover from a festive period spent eating cheese in your pyjamas (ahem) and the overindulgence that goes hand-in-greedy-hand with a fantastic Christmas. Its the week you get back to work with a hunch in your shoulders and a groan just forming in the depths of your being. Bleary and blood-shot of eye, its also the week that the obligatory January detox starts, which is an arduous task to undertake at any time of the year, least of all January. However I look at January slightly differently, and rather than begrudge the start of a new year and a long 12 months stretched out until we can attack the Quality Street again with such gusto, I look forward to all the new year has to bring. Personally I like the new beginning, its a clean slate, a whole new year with a new diary to match and memories and experiences to fill it with. And that excites me! Happy New Year I hope its kind to you.

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