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I’ve long had a love affair with neon and have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to neon signs I love. Be it Tracey Emin’s poignant and provocative words emblazoned in light, or the retro motel and diner signs of the 50s, everything just looks better in neon. Chris Bracey may have summed up exactly why I like it so much, “neon is only happy when it’s on, when it’s alive”. I’m thinking of adopting this as a mantra for life.

Anyways I digress, Chris Bracey is The Neon Man and he’s earned that title creating iconic art-pieces using neon for the past 37 years, including commissions for Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and David LaChapelle, and has provided installations for films such as Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Batman films. You may know him as the man behind Gods Own Junkyard, quite literally a graveyard for neon, located in Walthamstow and open to the public (its been on my list of must-get-round-to’s for a while now) its where Chris’s collection of salvaged fairground lights, vintage advertising signage and retired film-set pieces lives, waiting to be be repaired and resurrected to become the dazzling art-works he’s renowned for.
With a strong rock n’ roll aesthetic running through it his current exhibition “I’ve Looked Up to Heaven And Been Down to Hell” is at Scream on Eastcastle Street, coincidentally enough just round the corner from where he first made a name for himself. As its Bracey who created the neon signs that the swinging 70s Soho nightclubs were renowned for, and quite possibly why his work doesn’t just ooze sex, but flashes it (pun intended), in all its glorious throbbing, pulsating technicolour. I urge you to visit Scream, the exhibition is free (always a good thing in my book!) and you’ll come away bedazzled and with a serious lust for light.
Chris Bracey – “I’ve Looked Up to Heaven And Been Down to Hell”is at Scream on 27 – 28 Eastcastle Street W1W 8DH 
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