What’s In My Bedroom?

January 22, 2013 · 1 comment

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Try as I might I really can’t remember how I came across one of my favourite blogs What’s In Your Bedroom but from very first read, around two years ago now, I was hooked. Catering to the voyeur in us all What’s In Your Bedroom is a blog that features ordinary folk in their most personal of private spaces, their bedrooms. Through a series of intimate photographs of the space and the objects contained within it, we can ‘virtually’ go all Lloyd Grossman and ask, “who could live in a bedroom like this?”




Laura & Kev



The Girl of Stuff

The Girl of Stuff

The blogs author, Olivia Howitt, believes that the bedroom shows the occupant’s true personality, moreso than other rooms in the house. She thinks that this is because in a city where shared living is prevalent and the lines between live-in and work spaces frequently merge, our bedrooms become the creative sanctuary we all seek. Well, I couldn’t agree more.

About a year or so ago I started chatting to Olivia, and, after a series of Instagram pictures and a considerable amount of Tweets were exchanged, I’d agreed to have my bedroom photographed. The day she arrived on my doorstep I was literally doing somersaults of excitement I was so honoured! What struck me first about Olivia was how incredibly easy she was to talk to, I found myself sharing stories with her I’d normally only tell to my very closest friends. Another characteristic that really warmed me to her was her innate ability to understand my deep association to “things”, I’ve always been a collector and have amassed many different collections over many years, and all are equally as important to me. Not because of what they are, but because of what they’ve come to represent, points of time in my life that are forever frozen inside an inanimate object. Olivia understood this immediately and despite the sheer amount of information I verbally bombarded her with she wrote a beautiful and poignant accompanying piece to go with the gorgeous photos that she took of my bedroom. Here are a few of my favourites.

So if you fancy having a proper nose around my bedroom and reading Olivia’s interview with me, then go and have a read of the full post here.

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