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From a very early age I’ve always loved, and been completely fascinated, by doors. Agreed that’s a little odd. However I don’t pretend to be anything but! To be honest I’m not entirely sure why I love doors, maybe it’s because they have the potential to be a portal to somewhere magical and exciting, maybe it’s the promise of what could lie behind. Or maybe I just read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe too frequently as a child ….! Either way, I love doors.

Just to clarify here by doors I’m not referring to your Joe-average front door (although it’s fair to say that some front doors can be pretty special). Oh no what I’m talking about are the intricately carved wooden doors you find in Thailand, the vibrant blue doors of Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia, the detailed engraved marble doors in Indian temples and the ostentatious over-the-top doors you find wandering through the streets of Paris. It’s the doors that make me stop in the street, squeal in glee and dig out my camera to snap a photo of them to treasure. Agreed its quite infuriating for anyone unfortunate enough to be my travel companion (usually poor Mister Ruffles)!

As such I’ve an ever-growing collection of photos of doors that I’ve taken over the years and along my travels and I’ve dug out a few to share with you below.

Taken on the streets of the Raval in Barcelona this year 
Another from Barcelona, near Park Guell

Taken in Paris a few years ago

A very oldie from when I lived as a child in Kuwait

Naturally I’ve also created a whole board on Pinterest solely dedicated to (yes you guessed it) … doors! So for those of you who also love doors feast your eyes and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Here are some of my all-time favourites.

From The Creative Arms blog

The gorgeous blues of Santorini in Greece
I adore neon so this is essentially my two favourite things combined!

Cheeky door!

From Rosie Whittaker on Flickr

Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia
I love the graffiti on this door
Sunshiny yellow in Bordeaux

All images sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

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