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June 26, 2013 · 0 comments

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The reason why photos of my home are currently featured within an exquisite Japanese interiors magazine called MAISHA (think Living Etc. but written in Japanese) is down to one blog, two people, and a few social networks thrown in for good measure. Let me explain.

A few years back I stumbled across the absolutely fabulous blog Whats In Your Bedroom, written by equally absolutely fabulous person Olivia Howitt, it features photos of people in the most intimate of spaces – their bedrooms – alongside interviews with the owners about their bedrooms and their most treasured possessions contained within it. Somewhat of a voyeur (in the interiors sense I hasten to add!) I instantly became a huge fan and through Instagram and Twitter I struck up a 140 character limit, sometimes pictorially-led, dialogue with Olivia. After plenty of hashtags, foodstagrams and @-symbols later we eventually met last year, when she came to take photos of my bedroom for What’s In Your Bedroom, which I still deem a huge honour.

If you’re curious as to what’s in my bedroom then you can have a look at Olivia’s beautifully-written post here and read all about my favourite bedrooms from What’s In Your Bedroom here.

Fast forward six months and another lovely person, her name is Kyoko, gets in touch with me through Twitter asking if I’d like to have my home featured within MAISHA as she’d seen photos of my bedroom on What’s In Your Bedroom and is writing a feature on “Girls Interiors in London”. A bit gobsmacked and a lot flattered I accepted, and that is why this month my humble abode is now in print and on the shelves of many a news-stand across Japan. Keeping excellent company with the homes of Purple Fashion Editor Paula Goldstein, Creative Director of curated interiors store fate London Saffron Hunt, Interior Stylist Ashlyn Gibson, gallery owner Alice Herrick, and designer Lu Flux. Their homes are incredible and I’m touched to have been included with such an impressive gaggle of gorgeous interiors.

Currently the English version of MAISHA isn’t on sale but as soon as it is this post will be updated to include the translated interview as right now its all Japanese to me! For the meantime here are a few photos of me and my home from the feature.

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