Basket Case

May 18, 2013 · 4 comments

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Vintage 50s dress – Cats-eye sunglasses from ebay – Vintage basket-bag from Brooklyn Flea Market – Espadrilles from OFFICE

This really has been one hell of an epic winter. Its been long and its been hard and quite frankly I’ve had enough of it! I’ve been bored of the cold, sick of the rain and earnestly longing for some green on the trees. For many a month now I’ve desperately wanted to see the sky looking any other blumming shade but grey!

So a few weeks ago when the mercury began steadily creeping up and the blossom began to bloom, it felt like at long last we were leaving the single-digit biting-cold days behind us. Spring had finally deigned to join the party, seriously late mind but hey, at least she was here in all her gorgeously sunny glory. I needed no extra incentive. I ‘made the switch’. By this I mean I packed away my ‘winter wardrobe’ full of opaque woollen tights, bobbly jumpers and suitable-for-the-Arctic coats and switched them with the little summer dresses, vintage Kaftans and bikinis (slightly ambitious I know) that I deem my ‘summer wardrobe’. In hindsight this may have been slightly ambitious. This week those single-digit days have been back with a vengeance and I’ve grappled with myself as to whether its OKay to put the heating on in May, then caved, and had it on twice. Oh the joys of the British weather.

So as you can tell these photos weren’t taken this week, nor last week. In fact they were taken a few weekends ago on a particularly glorious May Bank Holiday Monday when the weather was *gasp* a deliciously warm 20c. And when the sun comes out there’s nothing better to do than grab your picnic basket(s) and a bottle of prosecco and hot-foot it to the nearest park to picnic with your friends. I’m glad I made the most of that sunny day, as who knows when we’ll have one again?! I hear its meant to be nice one week in late June ….

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