About the Girl


I’m Victoria Bell but known to all and sundry as Plum and I work in fashion PR. Born with a wander-lusting heart I was raised in Kuwait – where I learnt to swear and count to ten in Arabic (which I can still do) and moved to England when I was 13, spending my formative years in Somerset drinking cider on street corners and going to Glastonbury Festival. At 23 The Big Smoke beckoned and I left the country for the City. I now call Hackney in East London home where I live with my boyfriend Mister Ruffles and our cat Minou, and although I still go to Glastonbury festival religiously the cider-drinking is now done in pubs rather than shopping precincts!

A self-confessed street food fiend, eating obsessive and cocktail-guzzler, you can find me stuffing my face with buttermilk-fried chicken burgers and finger-licking ribs at various foodie pop-ups and underground supper clubs across London, or failing that I’ll be propping up the bar at a nearby gin palace.

Equally as passionate about food as I am about fashion, Plumdiddlyumcious is where I get overexcited about Terry de Havilland heels and statement jewellery whilst over-excitedly enthusing about mac n cheese! I’ve an insatiable appetite for culture and a love of exhaustively exploring London so along with documenting my dinner and occasionally, my outfits too, I also write about my daytrips to the seaside, gigs I’ve been to, far-flung travels, flea market finds and anything else that tickles my pickle, be it Parisian doors or pineapples.

Plumdiddlyumcious is a means for me to flex my pen and try to master my camera alongside squeezing every single second of enjoyment out of life and then documenting it here, on my blog. Please feel free to let me know what you think!